The entries

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Here's a selection of the entries so far. Click on the titles to learn more about each entry.

Parkinson's group entries

+ When I Dance

Our class is specially designed for people with Parkinson's, however as you can see some members also have MS or are recovering from a stroke.

Dancing is helping us to physically and emotionally get through our situations. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you how dance makes us feel.

+ Dance for Parkinson's

This group of amazing dancers have been meeting weekly for classes in St Albans for four years - they are incredible people who are brought together by a shared condition but who dance in spite of it and not because of it. As one member wrote: Dance for Parkinson's helps body and soul, Music and movement make you feel whole.

Movement to music and good company, Dance for Parkinson's really does it for me.

Movement to music and good company, Dance for Parkinson's is the best thing for me.

Good music, good rhythm, good friends, a good chat, Dance for Parkinson's is right where it's at!

When you feel you're not having a very good day, Come and Dance your Parkinson's cares away!

+ DFP Competition

Our dance class is for people to let loose and have fun. Our amazing dance teacher creates unique dance routines using all the hints and tips learnt from the research in the lab (and her own fabulous experience in this area) and applies them to a range of styles that we can all have a go at. Whether its Bollywood or Ballroom, we all have sore cheeks from laughing our way through the routines each week. There is a fun and relaxed atmosphere that people with Parkinson's, their partners, family and friends can all enjoy.

+ Parkinson's folk dance

3 English folk dance enthusiasts with parkinsons show why they love this type of dance with help from their partners and friends

+ Strictly Parkinson's

This entry is from Strictly Parkinson's, a dance group who meet once a week in Builth Wells in rural mid-Wales. The group is made up of people living with Parkinson's. We are members of the South Powys branch of Parkinson's UK. This film represents some of what we do and shares key words on how dance makes us feel. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

+ When I Dance - Parkinson's

"Thank you for inviting us to explore how people feel when they dance. Within this, we decided to look not only at how dance impacts us personally but also how dance has brought us together as a community, as friends and the high importance of this within our sessions each week. We started by asking everyone to answer the following: When I dance I feel ..., When we dance ... It has cemented 2 things for us:
that dance breeds positivity
that dance cements friendship.
Thank you."

+ Vacani Ballet

Judith has been attending my adult ballet class for the last year, since being diagnosed with Parkinsons. She loves coming to our group once a week and finds the movement, co-ordination and general holistic approach of ballet (including the music) really helps with her Parkinsons symptoms. Judith, and I, always leave the class feeling uplifted and positive.

+ Dance for Parkinson's

We hope you like our entry. It was rather last minute but the class was extremely enthusiastic about entering. I am a very proud teacher and considering that 6 weeks ago the majority have never danced before, I'm overwhelmed. Please enjoy.

Solo entries

+ AJ Dancing These Days

Andrew is 19 years old, has Down's syndrome and is passionate about dance. He dances all the time and says it makes him feel "happy and joyful"! This video was taken during rehearsal for his group Dynamic Dance's show. Donna Self (Mum!)

+ Falling upwards

In 2011 Mummy got the devastating news that nana had been diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). It's part of the Parkinsons family. That same year my daddy also died so the three of us nana mummy and me lived together and mummy looked after nana. Nana was a dancer and she loved to see dancing so this summer I danced everywhere and made little films which I showed to Nana. I wrote to Neil Claxton from the band Mint royale who made this music and EMI for permission which I got and I put all the clips together to make this. Sadly Nana died a couple of weeks ago so I have dedicated my film to her and everyone who is affected by Parkinsons and PSP.

+ Ellie Watkinson

"My contemporary dance teacher and I created this piece the day before a competition I was attending and it turned out to be my favourite piece I have danced to. This is a dark mature piece about a drug addict. I love the movement and the story and emotion behind the movement."

+ Let it go

"When I dance I feel that I'm not pretending! I feel my self! Dance is an art! Art is the world! Hope so my video helps and raise the awareness of Parkinsons."

Contemporary improvisation

I may not possess the strength I once had; nor the same energy levels; nor stamina. My brain may not function as well as it once did, my creativity stunted somewhat, my mind constantly distracted by restrictive thoughts; nor may my body respond to its impulses as readily as it once was able, unwilling, perhaps to suffer further abuse and neglect.

But in spite of the anorexia and all it has swallowed up and stripped from me, I can still dance.

And if dance can allow others to feel this way too, can really transform the lives of those ravaged by illness or those watching their loved ones suffer, then we must capitalise on it, celebrate it. Let's not deny them the chance to experience that joy; to reconnect with those parts of themselves thought lost and buried and feel complete once more. Let's support #danceforparkinsons.

+ Double twist dance troup

"This piece is a lyrical/contemporary solo choreographed by Emma Levene of Double Twist Dance Troup.

So passionate about dance. When I dance I feel alive and it is a wonderful way to express your emotions. Feel at home and like I could fly."

Life's a dance so c'mon

My name is Mary Richardson. l am 59 yrs and have had parkinsons disease for 13 years now. l love dancing and music makes me feel whole again. l am at one with the Universe and gives me my life back when l dance. l never give up dancing as it makes me complete when parkinsons tries to take over.

+ Paul's Dance Odyssey

When I Dance Hand jive, Motown and soul. Ballet, the musicals, world and roots. Chi and various movement systems added to the mix. Whilst the toes twitch, fingers snap and the feet tap to a beat.

When I Dance I can feel like an angel not 65 with 18 years of Parkinson’s. I can still defy the condition through the power of dance

Dance to the music!

+ When I Dance

My entry is a contemporary solo showing how free and happy dance makes me feel!

Group entries

+ GSS Quartet Lyrical

A lyrical modern group performed by Winifred Diggens, Scarlet Roche, Amy Gordon and Ellie Bannister. Choreographed by Gemma Short of Gemma Short School of Dance and Theatre Arts.

+ South Australia

Fenstanton Morris are a group of people who enjoy Morris dancing. We meet socially but also to keep alive this traditional form of dance. Here we are dancing South Australia.

I have PD and find Morris dancing helps a lot with my co-ordination and balance but most importantly - I enjoy it.

+ A Rare Glimpse

We decided to make a short film celebrating the spontaneous pleasure of cross-generational creative doing in different creative disciplines Here, older dancers Jane Turner and Tim Taylor, who first met each other at college 35 years ago, enjoy sharing in improvised dance as Levana completes another bold painting. The music is provided by respected peer Mike Willox and filmed by partner Chris Frazer Smith.

+ Dance video star

Hello our names are Sophie Reddy and Luke Fairless and on the 6th August 2016 we created our YouTube channel SLDance! We love to dance and share our passion with you. This is just one of our videos we have on our channel. We have about 20 more on our channel at the moment. Hope you like our video we put a lot of work into it and hope that you watch our other videos. Xx

+ Dancing 1

"Freddy and I have been married for 48 years and always danced. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2005. Sometimes he couldn't walk but when our songs were played he could dance. It was agreat joy to both of us. This was a video taken by friends while we were on holiday in Egypt in 2014.

Very sadly Freddy died of a heart attack last week, Nov 14, a week after Leonard Cohen, one of his heroes.

So I've lost my dancing partner"

+ Enjoy your worries

This piece of choreography is all based on enjoying your worries, no matter how frantic and emotional they are. This piece was my attempt of capturing how dance is a way to help switch off your feelings and/or destress, by doing something you love.

The accompaniment was the key stimulus for movement and ideas.

The group originally started out with 5 dancers, but dropped to 2, so I did my best in making it a powerful duet.

+ Angels on my side

Wendy's School of Dance adult class, for When I Dance, helping to raise awareness of Parkinson's and the benefits of dance for people with the condition.

+ Thillana

I am Ananya, founder and artistic director of KALAKUNJ, a community-based performing arts group based in Reading, and a practitioner of Bharatanatyam for the last 30 years. Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest Indian classical dance forms and originated in the temples of South India. The name 'Bharatanatyam' is derived from three basic concepts of Bhava (expression of emotions), Raga (melody) and Tala (rhythmic beats). It is a complete form of dance and one of the most subtle, sophisticated and graceful styles of dance in the world. Its practice helps to imbibe discipline, co-ordination of body movements, rhythmic sense and inner strength. It is relevant because it helps to put us back in touch with our roots. The very essence of the dance style is to heal and to harmonize the mind, the soul and the body, and to reaffirm the existence of beauty and truth. Our dance presentation is called THILLANA, which incorporates a number of alluringly sculpturusque postures and varied patterns of intricate movements based on a set rhythm or TALA. I was inspired by my husband to create this video. He specialises in movement disorders to help raise awareness about Parkinsons.

+ Xpress U'reself

When we dance, we dance for change. Recently our group has been dancing for Haiti. However when I dance, I dance for my mental health. I suffer quite badly with anxiety and dancing helps me release stress and feel positive about life.

+ Zumba Gold

Zumba gold class enjoying a spot of merengue, all ages from 24 oldest being 78, all abilities including ladies with multiple sclerosis/fibromyalgia.

We all have one thing in common: when we dance my class members get a sense of achievement feel motivated and happy.

Me - I feel a sense of achievement having motivated them and that makes me happy. We love our Thursday morning Zumba sessions. at St Marks Church Hall in Smethwick, West Midlands.